Encounters With the General Public

Yesterday Hubby went on his first solo mission using the car. He and baby went to the zoo, I have to admit that before they went I couldn’t help but to wish him luck. On my first trip to the zoo with baby he did the most enormous poo outside the chimp enclosure, it required an immediate full clothes change. The general public seemed to enjoy watching this spectacle more than looking at the chimps.
Speaking of the general public, we were forced, mainly due to my love of expensive supermarket to go to AS (cheap as that!) Don’t Ask (why…) supermarket in Garston near Watford for our weekly shop. Hubby briefed me before hand ‘don’t say anything to anyone, move out of peoples way, don’t dither and (so forth)…’ I think he was worried we might get stabbed or something. I don’t think Ive ever been involved in a fracas at a supermarket, but then again I could have forgotten. Still, the experience was interesting enough, the temptation to buy the entire shop due to its relative cheapness was not something hubby anticipated and they didn’t seem to sell aubergines! Nonetheless, I return home feeling a bit like Ive been robbed as when I looked at my receipt we didn’t get most of the ‘buy 2 for £1’ deals I picked up. Now I’m stuck with 2 packets of flour and 2 jars of mincemeat bitterly resenting that it probably would have been a lot cheaper to buy the store branded versions. Also, there was no sign of Victoria Wood on the bread counter or James Nesbitt in the wines. Fair enough, these celebrities don’t hail from Watford but given the adverts this particular branch could at least have had the decency to provide a local celeb to gawp at- how about Geri Halliwell on the wet fish counter or George Michael restocking the munchies?


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