Famous People Ive Seen in the Street/ How to Measure the Quality of Your Life

Ive seen and met lots of famous celebrities at the theatre, at work related functions and at functions friends have invited me to. However, this measure of one upmanship is somewhat meaningless in this celebrity driven society. What makes you stand out from the crowd and what gives you a measure by which to judge the general quality of your life are the celebrities that you have seen whilst going about your daily business.
With this in mind I’m racking my brain to recall the people Ive seen out and about, so far I can recall:
Boris Johnson (cycling along Upper Street)
Henry from Neighbours (on the Tube (the London Underground, not the television programme))
Kym Marsh and Jack Ryder (in Whittards, St Albans)
Pat Butcher from Eastenders (in Marks and Spencer, St Albans)
Matt Barbett from Newsroom South-East (OK– he was actually making a PA)
Sonia from Eastenders (in the pub in Broxbourne)
I know what you’re thinking, quality like this is something to aspire to. What can I say, you can only achieve this by watching very little television, hardly going out and hardly ever reading celebrity magazines (except at the hairdressers)


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