Fat Tummies and Carpet

Today I briefly popped into the kitchen to return to find my 6 month old eating an off cut piece of carpet, as if it were a rusk. This made me feel strangely proud, he had foraged for food and was now enjoying it. Was this a genuine mistake or does the baby palate equate carpet and rusk? It might be my fault I gave him Weetabix for breakfast, so a large proportion of foods that he is familiar with do bear a striking resemblance to our oatmeal coloured carpet.
He was obviously hungry today, its now 1pm and so far today hes eaten 1 weetabix with fruit and milk, 2 bottles of milk, one bottle of fruit juice, 8 segments of clementine, 1 slice of cheddar cheese on toast, 1.5 tubs of Petit Filous, 0.5 of a packet of Ellas Kitchen Organic puree (carrot flavour) and an unknown quantity of carpet. I’m going to enter him for the Desperate Dan pie eating competition soon, as I’m sure the little Billy Bunter will win!
Still, I’m only jealous as that’s more than me. Although I have to admit I’m trying to be good after I went to baby clinic and the secretary asked me when I was due… (I’m not that fat, surely- its just the post baby Dairy Milk bulge!)

Slightly aside from this Ive just found http://www.celebrity-babies.com/ OMG!

Anyhow, Ive now discovered that 4 of my friends are pregnant. Its going to be an expensive year. I like to equate this with the loveliness of my boy, but I’m sure it was just rampant hormones, drink and a little bit of planning. Well done girls, I cant wait!


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