Hellish Loquaciousness

At 5 am this morning I was blessed with an ebullient and loquacious baby. How many of you can say that without referring to the dictionary eh? Seriously though, this daylight saving hour time difference is turning my life into some kind of personal hell. At 5.15 this morning I finally gave up the will to even attempt to sleep and went to play with hell phone, the hound of hell and the zoom along helicopter all of which emit the noises from hell, magnified 5o million times at that ungodly hour. Must attempt some witchery, if you see a small yellow bird sucking at my finger, strange additional lesions on me and sight small flighty beasts out of the corner of your eye get frightened as Halloween might have come early in this house…


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  1. Mike1727 31st October 2007 / 2:08 pm

    I was going to suggest blackout blinds and thick curtains, which work for our two now they're older, but it was dark at 615 before the clocks went back. . Earplugs, perhaps?

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