Its Not as Good as When I Was Little

Blue-eyed baby and his friends have entered an entirely different world to the one that we entered. In fact you could say that the last ten years have seen an incredible change in how we live, I’m not sure I can think of anytime since the Victorian period when there has been such radical lifestyle changes as a result of technology.
Just think:
* Information is now at their fingertips as a result of the development of the Internet and the use of home computers: If we were lucky enough to have a BBC microcomputer or a ZX spectrum we might have used it for PAC-man or early programming attempts (run * hello*). The library was useful for our homework- it provided portable information sources known as books, rather than Postman Pat DVDs.
*They can be tracked down and contact people anywhere at anytime with the use of mobile phones (nuff said). If I decided to go to a friends house after school without informing my mother all hell would break lose.
*They are told what not to eat and what to eat. I didn’t care whether I ate an ice-cream or an apple (although I’m still sceptical about hedgehog flavoured crisps, they always seemed a step too far)
*They are aware of packaging and some even enjoy the thrill of recycling. Fruit and veg for us came in paper bags, they could be used as puppets and blown up with air to bang by peoples ears. Recycling wasn’t really considered.
*They love celebrity role models and magazines are devoted to telling you how to look and behave like thick, glossy mained slappers. Dreamer, Girl , Jackie and Twinkle magazines all assisted in me with my quest to be able to knit a trendy tank top and discern hand-made fruitcake from shop bought. They also provided the odd picture of Morten Harket conveniently sized for my wardrobe door.
*Children in the third world are ruthlessly exploited for cheap clothes so Western people can always wear a new outfit. This results in todays little girls wearing spice girl style outfits and boys wearing sarongs (OK I’m not so sure about that but I’m sure some did….) I got new stuff when the old had fallen apart, I’d grown out of it, or at Christmas or birthdays. It encouraged a conservatism, which I still try to follow. There are very few pictures of me looking a fashion victim (apart from one on facebook…)
*There was a choice, butter, lard or marg. Now its ‘ I cant believe its not butter’
MMM, technology and progress- a good thing?


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