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I think I made an enormous mistake when I chose my A Levels. I cant complain, I did well enough, I just chose the wrong subjects. I couldn’t decide between careers, should I be an archaeologist (that’s the one I chose) or a Vet? WHY did I choose archaeology? I still ask that question, perhaps they were showing a re-run of Indiana Jones or something. If I had been a Vet I would have been leading a fulfilling life saving little animals and could probably buy that North Norfolk holiday cottage. Instead, I’m constantly frustrated with my lot and splashing out involves buying a new top from New Look.
Now, Ive noticed that there is a great deal of brain-washing going on with babies nowadays. CBBC are the worst, they keep playing this recycling song and the church playgroup has a song about people of the world getting on that haunts me in my sleep!
So, Ive decided that subtle brainwashing is obviously alright. Therefore, baby has lots and lots of animal related toys and the songs we sing may or may not suggest that its cool to be a Vet. Here’s our latest one to the tune of Hokey Cokey(in case you want to use the same tactics)

Its Great Being a Vet

You get to inject cats
To shave their hair
In, out, in out, you rummage all about
You feel for little lumps
and perform surgery
That’s what its all about

WOAH be a Vet
WOAH be a Vet
WOAH be a Vet

Nice house, flash cars, rah, rah, rah

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  1. Luisa 28th October 2007 / 9:14 pm

    Excellent a new one for baby rhyme time!

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