Sorry I have a Pram

The day started badly and that was clearly an omen. I shouldn’t have had the tenacity to venture through the streets of St Albans, especially after my comment on the Channel 4 website about the place. Needless to say I did. I wish I hadn’t though as ive become the subject of pensioner rage and fury- hell hath no place like a pensioner scorned and so forth. My crime, to walk past a couple in the street who were looking in a shop window without saying “thank- you”. My punishment- the words “how rude! I pity that poor child”. Now let me just say ‘that poor child’ was at the time wearing a £35 pair of trousers, (OK I paid £17 for them- but still), a designer T- Shirt and a John Lewis Duffle Coat. Its mother was carrying a bag of toys she had just purchased for it and was rushing back to cook it a special dinner.
RAGE was what filled my innards, so I turned around and with true Britishness said, “Excuse me are you referring to me”. Another mouthful of abuse followed as it appeared that they were looking into a shop window in order to let me go past- well sorry I was walking along the street- I pay my council tax and how was I to know that they were making a special gesture. I genuinely thought they were looking in the antique shop, apparently an unreasonable presumption. My retort ” How Rude! Poor you”. Walking away I had two options, to stop, put the brakes on the pram, use the toys to smash the old bag in the face and stab the old sod to death with his walking stick, or to carry on regretting the comedy retorts I should have come up with all the way home. Take a wild guess at what I did.


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  1. Mike1727 18th October 2007 / 10:25 pm

    When you don&#39;t have kids you curse parents with prams because they get in the way.<br>When you&#39;ve got kids you curse the people who won;t get out of the way.<br><br>It&#39;s a battle for pavement space, especially on Snorbens&#39; narrow pavements or in the market. Thank God our kids our out of prams now..

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