The Universal Law of Russian Doll

Watching a brief bit of Alan Titchmarsh on Sunday I discovered that baby aphids are actually present inside their grandmother, the aphid species being rather like a Russian doll. It struck me that Russian dolls seem to act as a very good metaphor for life which indeed probably constitutes a universal law. The idea of stuffing as much inside as possible seems universally applicable from those grazing at McDonalds on a Saturday afternoon to any of my handbags, wardrobes etc.
Remaining faithful to this universal law, I stuffed as much as possible into my baby change bag and went for a walk in our local park. The park is always a brilliant place to observe British society as it appeals to all walks of life. So, from mere observation, what are the social linchpins of Twenty First Century Britain? How would the alien visitor describe life here?
    • It seems that pastel colours are de rigour for winter coats


  • People called Stan either have benches dedicated to them or dedicate benches to others



  • Boys always go mad on bikes


I also made this observation which might be helpful to any dog owners reading this:
Its a mistake to wear hipsters whilst dog walking (they’re not congenial to dealing with dogs muck.)

Any of you wondering about my photograph, no it isn’t the boundary wall of our property, it really is the remains of the wall surrounding the Roman City of Verulamium which forms the basis of our beautiful park. The lack of benches and people making it somewhat irrelevant to this post, I thought it would merely add a bit of autumn flavour.


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