Warning- Look Up!

Did you know that around 600,00 people per year are taken to hospital following a domestic accident. I very nearly became one of this number yesterday when I opened the bottom drawer of our chest of drawers and the lamp on top fell off and struck me a glancing blow on the head. Now, I have been saying for years to employers who insist I wear a hard hat in certain circumstances that I have a very hard head, and its just as well really. Funny in many respects as me and hubby have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks baby proofing the house to prevent injury- we just didn’t look up! Given that i’m currently valued by the life insurers at £600K some lesser wives may have thought that they were set up for this ‘accident’, but don’t worry hubby I know you and baby cant fend without me, who would do the ironing?
It wasn’t until I was lying in bed with a halo of stars keeping me awake and possibly giving me a heightened sense of reality, that I really began to notice the night sounds. Now, I think they were the sounds of moths fluttering about and the pitter patter of arachnid footsteps. However, given my concussed state I did wonder if ET was really living in our wardrobe and if the mice from Bagpuss were hanging out with the hamster.
In many ways it was a triumphant night as baby managed to get to sleep sans dummy! Ive just got to wean him off bunny (probably the most risky item in our house due to its high potential for suffocation) and I might just get more than two and a half hours of sleep at a time. Or will I? Studies have shown that you can very easily get stuck into a disturbed sleep pattern and mine has been like this for about a year and a half at least. Prior to that it was very, very, very bad. Only time will tell. (footnote: that’s if I haven’t got a blood clot or some other severe damage to my head- in which case I say goodbye- just in case…)


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