Why I Love Real Nappies

I got charged for 500 loaves of bread in expensive supermarket today, my bill came to over £400. I eventually spent a tenner as I pointed out the clear error. Prophetic though, I thought perhaps some fishes would find their way to my basket from the fish counter and the rain outside would turn to wine (OK, so it wasn’t raining but its a nice image).
I digress, the reason for posting is that I thought I would attempt to explain the sheer joy that comes with using a real nappy. Those of you that know me might see me as an Eco-warrior but I’m not really, I just do my best. Although I have been influenced by a chap I met from the green party whilst staying at an Eco- backpackers lodge. He managed to liken the building of nuclear power stations and the associated job creation to the job creation generated by the illicit drugs ‘industry’. Though he had an argument that was sound in many ways he was removed from his post as Canvey Island spokesperson (i think that was where it was).

Again digression, the main reason for my love of real nappies is that they can be put on whilst baby is crawling away. I find the Velcro tabs on the disposables just don’t allow for this quite as efficiently. I also love folding the square ones I have, it gives me a sense of motherly, housewifely pride which I just don’t get from any other task. These reasons aside, I also got £60 cash back from the council which paid for them and coupled with the use of my compost bins for kitchen waste we managed to put out one sack of rubbish this week (applause please)!


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  1. Harry 19th October 2007 / 6:22 pm

    You have my utmost admiration at one bag of rubbish. And my admiration at non disposable nappies! Well done you. I feel guilty at the amount of disposables we use…..but given that I don't have time to clean my house or keep up with the washing I know that real nappies would be a step too far. But you've challenged me to get my food waste bin out again. (RJ using Harry's account)

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