You Tou-Can be Cutting Edge

Life seems to revolve around endless feeding (both my boys), nappy changes and rolling balls around the living room floor in some attempt at entertainment. Is there more to it than that? Well, it seems to me that you can always only find three main elements to your life. When i was at work, it was checking emails, making tea and a category called ‘doing work generally’. The thing is, you only have 3 main priorities at any time, any more than that and you find that life becomes a confusion and its then you seek the comforting arms of western Buddhist philosophies to make it all seem much clearer. In my experience they tell you to appreciate what you have, go to yoga and not to covet possessions, all requiring a great deal of effort in this town.

But still, as much as i enjoy the three priority existence, Id like to live life at the ‘cutting edge’ it sounds glamorous and exciting. But, what is the cutting edge? Well, in our household it certainly isn’t provided by a pair of scissors as these seem to leave home on a regular basis never to return. I think it might be the name of a hairdresser’s I once saw in the newspaper but I don’t think that’s the best place to gain a mantra for life. So, I decided to search the Internet, it is apparently Scotland’s Best Ceilidh-Rock Band, well I never! What more can I say, I’m sure their album is avaliable via amazon…..

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