A ‘Give Way’ Town

Driving over to Shredded Wheat town yesterday I counted 7 motorway maintenance vehicles. No they weren’t all together. What was noticeable about them was the extremely dangerous driving that they were displaying, as if having that notice enables one to drive erratically and with speed.
Speaking of notices, I’m afraid I have installed a Baby on Board sticker. Before baby, I considered such notices heinous evidence of sudden dangerous driving. Now, I view them as essential to prevent ‘St Albans Driving’. My sudden change came about when I was on a roundabout near my house, turning right when some idiot boy racer simply didn’t give way and drove into me. The idiot seemed shocked that I had a baby in the car, as if he wouldn’t have done it if he had known. I know people in this town are busy busy busy, but giving way is one of the rules of the Highway Code. Its about time this was flagged up to all residents. We could replace those silly sponsorship signs on roundabouts with ‘This is a give way town’.


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