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Expensive supermarket have put Milky Babies on special offer I’m sure its because I no longer shop there on a daily basis and they have over-ordered supplies. Shocking really, but I just cant help but eat them, they remind me of being little when nearly everything seemed to be milk flavoured. There was Milk, Banana Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Milky Bars, Mini Milks, Milk Drops, Milk Buttons and Milky Babies! Indeed, milk has always been there for me. Later on in my teenage years some people went around saying “MMM, milky milky”. A brief flirtation with the elixir of coconut milk that is Malibu occurred in my twenties. Now, in my thirties life after a short period of being personally milked, I make it up from powder every few hours (I imagine its rather like they did in the war after an air-raid when the kettle needed boiling). One wonders where milk can go really, humans have had periods of owning a cow, buying from milk maids, using wet nurses, buying from the milk- man and now mainly buying in plastic cartons from the supermarket. It has been used in all manner of different products. What next for milk?
I’m minded to ask the good people of St Albans via my other favourite web portal the St Albans Freecycle Network, but I may just get struck off… ( Or I might get offered a load of old milk bottles that someone can’t be bothered to recycle- I’m sure that wherever you are in the world you can feel the tremor caused by rush of fear that has just pulsed through hubby’s body).


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  1. Malak 1st November 2007 / 4:56 pm

    &quot;Now, in my thirties life after a short period of being personally milked…&quot;<br><br>Never before has the miracle of breastfeeding ever been rendered so… so… worryingly. I mean, I&#39;m an immature boy for Christsakes. It takes a LOT to put me of ANY topic that has boobies in it.

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