A Rhyme a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I have the solution to weight loss. By the time I’d cooked spinach and ricotta parcels, pumpkin soup and wholemeal banana cake for dinner, I couldn’t be bothered to eat it. Hurrah for cooking. Enough talk of food, I’m being naughty in another way today and missing Baby Rhyme Time at St Albans Library. Baby loves this weekly trip more than anything else, but he has gone to sleep anyhow, so might not notice.

I’m always late for Rhyme Time, the stupid council lift system means that you have to wait for ten minutes for a lift. Then, you go on a journey around the car parks until you finally get to your destination. Much like Doctor Who’s Tardis endless people (most of whom seem to smell) pile inside it, except it doesn’t open up into a wide space. So, I usually find myself wedged in the corner smiling at the smelly old dear who is trying to poke the small baby boy (without asking my permission). Internally willing the lift to arrive at its destination before I lose patience, or even worse, the boy does…

Rhyme Time is an interesting experience, for the un-initiated, I’ll explain. Basically, a middle aged woman stands at the front of a circle of harassed mothers and Nanny’s, all hoping their child isn’t going to cry or puke. Then she recites a number of popular (and no so popular) rhymes whilst the mothers attempt to join in, after the 4th visit you have lost all inhibition and will happy sing away loudly. The babies look on bemused but like the bits when they get jiggled about. Then there’s is a rush to leave.
All’s right in the world on as Tuesday, as everyone feels satisfied, baby has had a group activity which WILL improve future literacy skills. Mother has gone out and sometimes communicated with other adults and the library service has done its bit for the community. I like it as I know hardly any nursery rhymes so its a bit of useful learning, and often I see friends for coffee afterwards.

Today, in place of Rhyme Time (to ease my conscience) we will have our own private session with a bit of Cbeebies thrown in. Finishing with a bit of Boogie Beebies, hosted by boogy Pete. For ages, I was telling hubby this programme was called was booby peeties, until the error of my ways was pointed out. I’ll get to do some subtle exercise using baby as a weight and perhaps all will be right in the world. Well, its either that, or baby will get over tired and over excited and I’ll get no sleep and be all grumpy and eat a chocolate bar. Before we know it, the earth will tilt even further on its axis and marsupials will be living in America and we really will find crocodiles whilst rowing gently down the stream. Or something like that…..


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  1. Mike1727 14th November 2007 / 4:51 pm

    A bike trailer for baby sounds like a good alternative to the stinky lift service. Good exercise and you can put shopping in it.<br><br>(Car seats will strap into most bike trailers just fine)

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