Being a Mummy

Since this blog is supposed to be about what its like to be a mummy I thought that should write about that today. Now,I’m wondering if I should write what its really like, or the sanitised version. I suppose I should be honest and talk about what its really like for me. I can sum it up easily: its the hardest thing Ive ever done.

  • Nowadays, I find myself walking around wearing mismatched un-ironed clothes (the tumble dryer does the bulk of the ironing) which are inevitably covered in baby sick, wee and food.
  • I find that I have about 30 minutes of spare time per day, usually when I write this blog or attempt to research my business project as some sort of release. I also have to get dressed and showered in that time.
  • Ive not managed to read more than 2 pages of a book in 7 months.
  • I have put on over a stone in weight due to not having the time to go running, this is a real internal source of frustration.
  • I spend an inordinate amount of time lying on our floor whilst I’m effectively beaten up as a 7 month old pulls my hair, pokes my eyes and tries his hardest to break my glasses.
  • I feel under personal pressure to cook cheap, healthy meals whilst looking after baby and also get him to eat them (impossible).
  • People keep asking me for recipes or to go to cooking related things: Don’t they realise I’m best at cooking fish-fingers, baked beans and oven chips! (and even they burn most of the time)
  • I put at least two loads of washing into the washing machine per day.
  • I have a bottle washing and sterilising ritual which bores me to tears. I’m constantly washing up.
  • I feel obliged to go to baby groups and meet other mothers who want to talk about feeding regimes and how wonderful it is to be a mother. When all I want to talk about is the latest exhibition (which I wont have seen), the latest films (which I wont have seen) or music (which I wont be able to afford to buy) or indeed anything OTHER than babies.
  • I’m constantly upsetting relatives who purchase inappropriate toys or want to feed him in appropriate food, or think I’m doing it all wrong. Making me feel even worse.
  • I’m up all night either worried about whether baby is alright, or if and when baby is crying, worried about hubby getting enough sleep to do his job properly.
  • I cant drive the car in peace anymore, I don’t feel capable of even doing it properly with a screaming baby. Ive lost the joy I had in motoring.
  • I always feel ‘on edge’ I cant go for a walk in peace, I certainly cant go into any shops without trouble and I cant even sit down and watch television.
  • I can’t go to the loo in private.
  • My living room is full of bits of brightly coloured plastic rather than nice objects and flowers.

Perhaps this is all hormonal. What makes up for it are:

  • The little smiles I get
  • The joy of seeing him grow, change and develop
  • The pride I feel
  • The closeness I feel to him
  • The fact that hubby really loves him and is proud of us both

3 Responses

  1. Alex 8th November 2007 / 9:26 am

    I have a tear in my eye. I love you both and think you&#39;re doing an ace job. <br><br>If only other mummys were as honest and didn&#39;t pretend everything was peachy!

  2. Harry 8th November 2007 / 1:17 pm

    /hugs<br><br>It&#39;s so bloody difficult at times.

  3. saveeverystep 22nd May 2012 / 11:11 am

    Hi! I follow your blog and have just been scouring your lovely posts, and found this great old post. I wonder (even though it&#39;s old) would you mind if I linked it up to my weekly Linky this week? The theme is &#39;Becoming a Parent&#39; and your angle on the stuff that is, shall we say, less than joyful, would make a really great addition! I hope that&#39;s ok. You can find the link at http:/

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