Canadians Appear to Have no Taste

No offense to any of my Canadian readers, but whatever were you thinking. Here is one result from the readership survey:

Mummies pick Bono as Delicious Dad Rocker!49% of Yummy Mummies picked Sting as the hottest rocker dad, while 51% of rocking moms Bono. There were 0 votes for Federline. This survey shows that Yummy Mummies have impeccable taste when it comes to Dads who rock. Can you say Tantric sex? In the Name of Love, indeed!

NO WAY!!!! I’m sure that even the Gallagher brothers or Daman Alburn would prove more exciting, unless that is, you want to be preached to….. What about the American choice of Jon Bon Jovi? Come on girls, why so earnest?
Just for interest sake, my choice would have been (obviously whilst alive) Michael Hutchence. The idea of a bit of fun with a hint of danger is far more appealing than learning yoga and talking about world peace in my fantasy world. Suggestions in the comments box please!


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