Cough, Cough Cough

My baby has developed an affected cough. I think its because he can get even more attention. Initially I went to the doctors about it, but his chest is as clear and clean as a whistle. Then it dawned on us, I have a bit of a constant asthma cough and various family members have had the coldy cough thing that’s been going around. It seems, that in the tradition of all amateur attention seekers, he is copying us. So now, whilst playing with toys he will suddenly look around to check he is being watched and if not, do a little cough.
I think I might try copying him, we could develop a new secret language. For example, whilst in the park: Look, there’s a cough, cooough, cough!-(translation: really fat person eating. I bet its their glands…..) There would be no point in using the language for other non bitchy means or for fast moving objects. It just wouldn’t work: Look there’s a coughhhhhhh(translation: Kingfisher) which has just vanished due to the coughing.


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