Feeling Refreshed at the 1980’s Disco

I used the toilets in Verulamium Park yesterday. First time ever. It was quite exciting, venturing inside, wondering what I might find. I was pleasantly surprised, they were clean and tidy. It was like going on holiday, except without the sand. So, if anyone is in need of a holiday can I recommend a short break in the toilets, I guarantee you will come out feeling relieved and refreshed.
On a different matter we have been invited to our first Christmas Party. Ive never been to a children’s Christmas party before, so its quite exciting. I wonder what it will entail? When I was little it was all overdosing on Tizer and dancing to Michael Jackson and Bucks Fizz. I sometimes wish I could relive the heady early 1980’s party’s of North London, perhaps now is my chance. I wonder if this years crop of babies would notice the slightly dated music playing for their first disco? Any excuse to make blancmange and eat junk food would be great and I could direct the parents towards the holiday loo’s…


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