Great British Firsts

Following the Great British tradition of inventiveness and exploration, this weekend was one of firsts for our family. No, we didn’t invent the magnifying glass, that has already been done. But, we may be the first family to have broken the Sound Barrier in the car. This would rob a fellow great Briton of his glory, but that remains to be confirmed by Hertfordshire Police. What is for sure, is that the following firsts were achieved:

  • First taste of Marmite on Toast: A 50/50 gamble as hubby loves it, I hate it- likening it to the tarry slime trail of Beelzebub the snail. Baby loved it, another £1.29 to our grocery bill per week then.
  • First Shoes: The excitement of big boy ‘crawlers’ was something to behold. Baby managed to chat up three girls in the shoe shop and sat grinning all weekend when wearing them. Even holding out size 3H foot to ask to wear them. Just realized that the 3 key is also the pound symbol key- somewhat prophetic.
  • Baby sitting up unsupported for several minutes: I think this was the shoes slightly hindering movement, but the fact he sat still was something to behold.
  • First trip to the College Arms in Hertford Heath: Very nice, I had the pork, hubby had the ox tongue. Vegetarianism starts this week- I do feel guilty, hubby just feels full. There was an interesting use for stag antlers, I must try to acquire a photograph.
  • First use of travel cot at Nanny’s house for baby: Seemed to go down well for all concerned. Baby didn’t stay all night, just whilst we had our dinner. Speaking of dinners, the little fella has been so hungry recently he has been partaking of 4 meals per day AND snacks. A weigh in showed that he hasn’t gained any fat. Therefore his un-relenting movement is requiring these calories. I’m thinking 2012, can you enter a 5 year old? This probably would be another first.

Better go, I suspect I’m about to deal with the first explosive poo of the weekend…


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