He Can Afford the Beer…

Baby is already wealthier than me, not only does he have a large quantity of premium bonds, a savings account and the ability to find himself baby modelling jobs (I’m not a pushy mother it was circumstance- honest!). He also has an uncanny ability to find any bit of small change that has somehow rolled onto the floor. With this special homing device he could literally find a one penny in a large field, and armed with no tools to assist him whatsoever.

I’m wondering, if this might also be the same for buried hoards of gold and silver. Perhaps I could take him to random beaches and ploughed fields. Using him instead of a metal detector, his next find could be the key to our luxury North Norfolk holiday Cottage. The special crying siren would scare off all the detectorists with beeping machines, thus upping our chances of a find. So far this weekend we have already recovered 6 pence, an ikea locking nut, a door spring fitting and a screwdriver bit. Soon we will be able to afford to get ourselves a pint of beer. Anyone lost anything small and dangerous or a bit short of cash?

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