I Think I Can Manage Without That- Thanks all the Same

Every small child has a favourite television advert don’t they. Unfortunately the advert that seems to be the funniest most all absorbing thing on the television. Indeed in the room, the universe and beyond for my boy is also one of the worst adverts Ive ever seen. So mind numbingly boring it doesn’t even have a catchy jingle. I could leave you guessing at this point but I will put you out of your misery. Its for Tilda Microwave Basmati Rice. It has a middle aged Indian woman talking about how disappointed she is in her son for using it. As the planet stops rotating every time its on, and silence descends, I could probably recite the script. Perhaps we should record it and we can play it on a loop at bedtime, nap time and so forth, the answer to peace and quiet!
Whilst I’m on this topic another strange TV related baby thing springs to mind. Baby loves the remote control, he takes it chews it. He also manages to turn the channel to Kerrang about 80% of the time he atains control of the remote. This is a sort of hideous brain washing, mind warping channel which seems to show long haired young people dressed in black and leather jumping around to music. Music, which is so mind-blowingly awful that it stops cats in their tracks, birds drop from the sky dead and dogs are summoned to our door from miles around. Hubby informed me that he was born to this sort of rubbish, can’t remember the song. I was enjoying the gas and air too much to hear. I hope this isn’t a portent for the teenage years.


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  1. Alex 23rd November 2007 / 11:16 am

    He was born to Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth!<br><br>Entirely by accident!

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