My, Thats a Fine Wart

This morning I popped out to the shops in a desperate quest for an outfit for baby for his Christening. It was incredible, at 10 am in Watford the shops were absolutely packed with people carrying parcels. So much for a slow down in the economy. A nightmare to navigate around, the shops seem to be piled high with enormous piles of tat. Items designed purely to disappoint on Christmas Day and destined for the first car boot sale after Christmas. I know Ive a reputation as a scrooge, but anyone thinking of getting me a present, don’t. Either save the money, or give me the cash and I’ll spend it in the January sales when I can buy exactly the same item of tat with 75% off.
Coupled with the difficulty of navigation, I seem to be blessed with the sweetest, cutest baby known to man at the moment. I got stopped twice by people telling me how gorgeous he was. What could I say but thank you, I didn’t want to engage in pointless conversation, I was on a mission. I think I successfully avoided conversation with at least two others clearly looking to discuss the same topic. I feel like saying, well, he keeps me awake all night. He never sleeps and will only feed himself, all in all hes a little strong-willed monster.
What makes people feel the need to stop a stranger in the street and say this, do they do it to particularly attractive women or men? Excuse me, but you do appear to have a very fine wart on your nose. No! So why do it to me? I don’t want to talk to mad people. I’m minding my own business, don’t get put out if I accidentally don’t see you, or hear your comment. My child could do without the prodding too, he cant help being particularly attractive.


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  1. moonmamma 27th November 2007 / 7:46 pm

    Babe, you need to embrace internet shopping! or even be bold, like us this year, and do ethical internet shopping!

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