Never Shop, Anywhere, Ever

The best way to a quiet, stress-free life is never to shop anywhere, ever, but especially on Saturdays. I try to abide by this rule as much as possible but in breaking it, Ive been forced to write a letter of complaint. Ive only done this a couple of times before and never got very far, but this time Ive had enough!
Picture the scene, Saturday late afternoon an enforced visit to expensive supermarket due to lack of a milk in the fridge. Young (well I like to think so) mum queues up at basket only till. Then, one of those middle aged harridans dressed smartly for the 1980’s with red lipstick and an attitude that you only ever see at expensive supermarket, church fetes and county shows pushes in front of her. Youngish mum bites her tongue, after all there are two tills open. Youngish mum finds herself once again at the end of the queue holding a freezing bottle of milk. The queue goes down, youngish mum finds that she is the next person to be served. Checkout SOD closes the till and smarmily flounces off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This is now probably the 4th time its happened in as many weeks. Added to this is the poor quality fruit and veg she regularly seems to buy, the food poisoning she got from the desert she bought the week she came home from hospital after having baby and the out of date in a day cheese she bought for full price and intended to use later in the week…
I hope they have my complimentary vouchers in the post or I may be forced to go in a swear at all the young men working there for my own personal satisfaction. Supermarket induced Tourettes might be the way ahead. Either that or me and hubby might be forced down the road of self sufficiency.


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