One of Those Weeks and Walking

I’m definitely having one of those weeks. Marshalswick Carpet managed to lose the offcuts I took in there to be edged and they have replaced them with some new ones which don’t match the carpet. It seems a bit suspicious as they used my original order to ascertain the right carpet and the offcuts they have bought along seem to be of a different weight to the carpet Ive had fitted. I can see lots of two-ing and fro-ing and game play with the carpet shop in the offing…
Then, I bought a new dress for the Christening (with money I haven’t got, I hasten to add) from The Dressing Room in St Albans. Their no refund policy means I have to exchange it. The only reason I want to take it back is that it doesn’t actually fit at the back, something I didn’t notice with a screaming baby in the shop. As I don’t want to look like I’m wearing my bra back to front at the Christening, returning it is my only option. This means that, not only do I have the embarrassment of taking it back, but I also have to find something else in there. Being that this was one of the cheapest items in the entire shop, it isn’t going to be an easy task.
I’m wondering if picketing both shops with baby in tow would achieve the desired effect. After all, there’s only so much screaming anyone can take!
Still, today already proves itself to be a landmark occasion. No, it wasn’t a night of sleep, 5 am is still a late morning for our boy. For at nearly eight months, baby decided, as a result of his strong desire to pull my hair, to take his first steps. Drum roll please. Like a little wobbly skittle he moved with fairly rapid speed from the safety of holding onto the sofa towards me, sitting in the middle of the floor. I have to sit there, as otherwise I get an earful from baby because I’m in the way of his incessant sofa cruising. This landmark event was marked by a massive poo and then sleep. That’s why I have the time to sit here moaning.


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  1. chen 3rd December 2007 / 10:11 am

    Think on the bright side (that is rare, coming from me): once Sammy knows how to walk, teach him how to walk down the stairs, make himself a sandwich, pour himself a drink and …. voila! Bob is your uncle!<br>Hang in there….

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