The Hump

People of St Albans better watch out today, as Ive woken up with the right hump (a colloquial term meaning very fed up). I’m not sure why, perhaps I’m still reeling from my treatment at expensive supermarket. Although I suspect nearly seven months of constant demands on my time, night and day are beginning to really take their toll. My female hormones have finally lost patience. Not that its going to affect baby, and I’m sure hubby is glad he is at work!
Alternatively, I could finally be attuned to the bad vibes that I’m clearly getting from Gaia. Last night, I checked my Carbon Footprint at I honestly thought I was doing quite well on the environmental front: using proper nappies, recycling, composting and hardly using the car. However, my footprint is 4.38 tonnes (the equivalent to driving a car 15514 miles per year) and my actions will save a mere 1.22 tonnes. So what thoughts have I had to address this problem?
– Possible vegetarianism: I’m not convinced this would be best for baby, but I’m sure not eating sheep and cows would have positive environmental and health benefits. I’ll blog more as I look into this one more carefully
-Boycotting large supermarkets: this is quite hard really with a baby, as you can’t buy baby milk at the market. Perhaps I shall write to them expressing my disgust at the willingness of giving out plastic bags
-Feeding hubby less beans: hard given possible vegetarian ethos but would clearly make a difference environmentally on methane emissions.
– Making my own clothes: mmm, difficult one this as I’m sure my sewing machine would use as much electricity as the professionals. But I assume we might save on planetary transport costs. We might all end up looking like scarecrows or start a fashion for multi- period heritage costumes (my speciality)
– Go on holiday via the train: No this is a step too far, haven’t had a foreign holiday for a few years, isn’t that enough! Although a train trip to Paris via the newly opened Eurostar station would perhaps lift my mood….

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