The Ideal Gift for Chav’s

Remember I weaned baby off dummy some time ago. Well, its all been a success and now I feel very smug when I see toddlers with their dummies. However, I have been sent a link to the most horrific dummy possible, ideal for the St Albans set. I am posting it here to forewarn readers about what to expect on the streets of Britain. I present the Armani Dummy:

Recently theres been a very heated discussion on the St Albans Freecycle network. Some grumpy old s*d deciding that he has had enough of people asking for x-box 360’s and so forth. I can see his point, but it is always funny to see what people ask for and if someone gives it to them, then job well done for the requester. Now, I wonder if this dummy would tip him over the edge…. the temptation mmuhahhhhh!


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