The Joy of Landing on People From a Great Height

OK, so the computers back on and small monkeys in far away rain forests are suffering as a result of my wanton use of electricity. But perhaps the suffering, as a whole, is not as much as if my book on Edwardian St Albans was out in the bookshops in time for Christmas.
Speaking of suffering I was made, by small 7 month old boy, to endure the wonders of Big Space. A sort of giant intellectual prison for adults, with cages, balls and foam blocks acting as the basis for the exploration of human movement. I got a bit fed up after the third 4 year old tried to slam dunk the baby boy with me acting as a sort of human shield. Why is it that once a child can walk its parents seem to think its alright for it to go anywhere and do anything (including talking to strange thirtyish women) within the confines of indoor space? Why also, is there not an adult zone? I realise there’s a coffee and cake area, but I’d like to swim through plastic balls and climb over foam blocks. Not to mention the joy I’d feel as I ‘accidentally’ land on people from great height. I think it would do me the world of good, far better than a trip to the gym…


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  1. Mike1727 8th November 2007 / 4:08 pm

    Wait 'till he's a bit older, then you can have fun 'helping' him through the ball pool. Races down the big slide are great fun.

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