The Pessimistic Fantasy World of Nicole Kidman

I came to the blog today with a thought to write a little about positive thinking. Then it took me about 8 attempts to log in, so I’m already down on the idea (down with that sort of thing – Father Ted). The reason I thought it would be an interesting topic to explore, is that Ive just read an article that stated that ‘People who are optimistic are more likely than others to display prudent financial behaviors’.
Perhaps this explains my sudden desire to spend, spend, spend, money that I haven’t got. Hang on though, I’m not by nature an optimist, but I do tend to display prudent financial behaviour. This spending frenzy is a new thing, have I suddenly become even more pessimistic? Only my husband could answer that I suppose. The only problem with my new found shopaholicness is that its virtually impossible to get around the shops with a baby. So its a sort of fantasy spending spree. Ive not been brave enough to allow myself near the Internet shopping sites, far too dangerous! Still, in my pessimistic world this wouldn’t normally happen.
However, having a baby does allow time for you to develop a fantasy world and it can be as dull or exciting on a daily basis as you want it to be. So, today Ive decided I’m going to be Nicole Kidman doing a round of interviews for my new film (coffee morning with post-natal group). This will be followed by lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant (toasted cheese on milk loaf) and an afternoon shopping in Bond Street (Sainsbury, St Albans). That Nicole Kidman she must be really pessimistic….


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