The Weird and Wonderful People of St Albans

We had a great time on Saturday evening, shame about the night, but less said about that the better. It was the annual (insert name here) Ball at the prestigious Sopwell House Hotel. The England football team used to stay there under Sven, but under Steve they stay at The Grove. I presume takings are down, perhaps they can get Gazza to do a special PA or something.
I really enjoy this event, not only is it a night out for the pair of us, but the food is usually good and its nice to see hubby’s work colleagues. However, the most fun to be had is from looking at all the people that go along and seeing how they dress and behave.
Dress code is black tie which seems to mean for the majority of over 60’s baring as much flesh as possible, in a tasteful gold and black way. They aim to prove to the younger people present how youthful they all are, by swinging their pants on the dance floor. Its like an Essex wedding reception gone mad.
However, this aside my night was crowned by a visit to the lavatories. Here I queued up and had the chance to observe and listen to some of the most ridiculous conversation Ive heard in ages. It was brilliant, if I could have stood in the queue for half an hour I would have done. Unfortunately though, its not like your local nightclub or department store, people are quite speedy in the cubicles.
Here’s an example of one of the conversations. It revolved around hair, picture the scene two very middle aged women clearly married to local BMW driving business men.
Gold Jewellery woman: ‘I like your hair short’
Princess Diana circa 1982: ‘Yes, long hair is so very ageing don’t you think’
They both glance at girl in queue with long hair who is looking like Jennifer Aniston
Gold Jewellery woman: ‘I think you look just like that Zoe Wannamaker from My Family’
Princess Diana: ‘Oh yes, thank you, people are often saying that’ puffing up hair
Myself and Jennifer Aniston exchange knowing glances and smirk. The general preening continues as if nothing afoot was said…
I go outside, and hubby points out a man who looks like he could be from a Tarantino film. I glance over and there is the gun slinging dwarf man from any gangster film of the last twenty years.
Oh, I wish I had the means of covertly photographing people. If I could manage it, I could start my own Weird and Wonderful people of St Albans thread…


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  1. Mike1727 19th November 2007 / 1:07 pm

    Cameraphone or small compact, someone you know in the foreground- pick your focus point in advance (this makes sure the camera doesn&#39;t spend time working out focus and metering) then take shot over their shoulder. Also works with a small comact camera- set to a fixed focus and the fastest (highest ISO) you can get. <br><br>No flash. That kind of gives the game away..<br><br>Or some sort of

  2. zooarchaeologist 19th November 2007 / 3:48 pm

    good thinking, i&#39;ll get working on it. <br>The pinhole camera might be a bit technologically advanced for me to make at the moment so it will have to be the foreground friend approach….

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