They will love the eco-poos…

That’s it, Ive had enough, I think I’m going to have to join the Green Party. Not content with taxing my car to the hilt. I do genuinely need it to drive around ploughed fields for work (I’m an archaeologist- and no I don’t watch Time Team- Scum, bah, humbug). Admittedly, its also handy to drive around the furrowed mud tracks of St Albans. THIS government has now lost all of my personal detail records, enacting a sort of fraudster tax on families. The local Lib Dems have shown themselves to be stupid by pressing for the restructuring of the senior council staff, costing me yet more money, probably, somehow. And the Conservatives, well, I’m never going to fit in at their club house.
So, Greens it has to be. I can picture the scene: me and baby sitting round the Cottonmill Allotments campfire with fellow jolly eco– warriors, engaging in friendly banter, probably over my car…
Baby will fit in really well. Today he had several eco– poos, a delight for any composter. He also did the equivalent of baby skip diving for food, scuffing around the kitchen floor hoovering up year old bits of cheese and so forth. The real nappies mean his credentials wont be spoilt. There’s no chance of him being ceremoniously undressed at the induction ceremony, only to be humiliated. The new vegetarian status will also go down really well. I can see him passing around spinach and ricotta parcels to the other Green babies. His mother gloating about how he feeds himself at 7 months.
Anyone recommend a good supplier of organic, fair trade Guatemalan woolly jumpers? I think I might need to stock up!


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