An Experiment in Search Engines

Since this blog started Ive been having a look at the visitors location and its proving interesting. Being a Mummy is popular in the Palestine Occupied Territory, India, Canada, and the USA. The UK goes without question. I have also been looking at the search terms entered to find it and bizarrely the post about Chav presents provided lots of hits. Does this mean that some people have classified their friends as Chav’s and are looking for specific gifts for them? Another comment about the England football team and Sopwell hotel generated a lot of hits. So as an experiment, I enter here, a random selection of words to see their effectiveness!
Canoeist, Panama, Tom Cruise, Chelsea FC, football, diet, reflexology, baby, asparagus, Christmas gift, xylophone, zebra extinction. MMMM, wonder if this says something about my sub-conscious mind….


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