Well, I’m well on my way to my aim of losing a stone in weight. No, I haven’t been on a massive keep fit drive, rather due to extreme bad luck and chance Ive managed to get viral gastroenteritis. Lovely. Called the nice french doctor out mainly as I was worried about the baby and she said there was a lot of it going around. Most of her appointments are with people suffering from the very same complaint. Three Valleys Water must be experiencing a peak in demand. My aim to become fully vegetarianism is complete, I don’t think I need explain why.

Who knows where we all got it, we’ve not really been out or eaten anything remotely dodgy. I’m putting it down to the increased demand to touch lots of things wherever you go, I’m sure that must causing a rise in illness. For example, now when you go shopping you have to touch the keypad of the pin machine, its not like using notes where you won’t necessarily touch exactly the same place as the last person. With a pin machine, there’s at least a one in nine chance you will. Ive noticed the number of people that don’t wash their hands after visiting the toilet. I’m sure you have too, if I use a public lavatory, at least half of the people in there will just walk out after completing their business. This is the way germs are being spread. Its even exacerbated at the doctors surgery. Instead of talking to a receptionist you have to sign in using a keypad, you can guarantee the person before you is at the doctors with plague. Perhaps I should follow Michael Jackson’s lead and walk around wearing one glove. That would be a way to identify me in St Albans.


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  1. moonmamma 13th December 2007 / 1:31 pm

    or you could do like me, and carry a small tube of antibacterial cleaner stuff to wipe your hands with – no soap required, a must for all handbags/changing bags in the current unhygenic society we live in (when did mums stop teaching kids to wash theie hands by the way?)

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