Bored Baby Syndrome

I’m still here, I haven’t been tracked down by Mr Decency and murdered and chopped up and left in tiny pieces all around Verulamium Park. Unlike the unfortunate soul who allegedly was a few years ago, according to on-site rumour when large areas of the park were closed off. I never did hear anymore about it…

Anyhow, yesterday proved to be the day from hell. Trapped in our house due to sickness I took the brunt of bored baby syndrome. A terrible affliction (not to mock the afflicted) which seems to manifest in a terrible sort of demanding whine and an inability to sleep. Driven mad by property programmes, the V-Tech spinning top, the hound of hell, the Fisher Price hell giraffe and covered in breadstick, biscuit and baby sick. I was not assisted by a bad hair day, which made me resemble Young Einstein. Good job I no-longer need to wear a bra, or I’d have had 2 sugar loaves attached to my slippers as well. I so was glad to see hubby. He was excited as our new TV (we got the insurance money for the old broken one) had arrived.

Then, we noticed that the box of the TV had been positioned by the courier in such a way as to disguise the large rip in it and the DAMAGED television inside. I’m not one to swear, but the absolute son of an illegitimate relationship had placed it there and got me to sign for it. Obviously knowing that it was broken, probably by him. Its not a small thing, it is about one and a half metres long by thirty centimetres wide. I know, as I have spent the time since its arrival dodging past it. Now I have to spend another day inside waiting for it to be collected (if I’m lucky).

What can I say, but I cannot recommend Destroyforce- scumbags. To add to this, the company that we bought it from, a large on-line retailer clearly PLAYing at customer service, will only refund when they have received it back and don’t have a replacement for us. I’m a Christmas scrooge at the best of times, but this year I’m thinking Ebineezer was a saint.

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  1. Mummy Diarys 18th December 2007 / 9:43 am

    Very funny blog, how old is your bubs?

  2. Mummy Diarys 19th December 2007 / 11:13 am

    ah bless, not that much of a trouble maker then yet! st albuns is beautiful your lucky to live there

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