Don’t Litter!

I’m busy, busy, busy, sitting down having mince pies and cups of tea. Due to the lurgy we haven’t completed many of our Christmas to do list and frankly I cant be bothered. Who really remembers whether or not they get a Christmas card from me. Apart from the grudge bearer…

I’m also a bit worried about the enormous amount of Chinese plastic that we will have to fit our house when Christmas is over. Will I be able to sit down in the living room? Will baby be able to actually play with any of it due to space issues? I’m tempted to weed some of it out, re-wrap and give it to him again for his birthday. Just call me mummyscrooge.

Still, we did manage to go out and wander around the park. An interesting scene confronted us, basically, the lake has frozen over. My god, the temperature has really dropped since my last outdoor venture. What caused me to warm up rapidly though was my blood boiling from the stupidity of people and the lack of park maintenance. I had to take some pictures to illustrate. Why, why, is it clever to hurl bigger and bigger logs onto the frozen ice? Clearly once the logs ran out, and there was no tarmac left, things were desperate. So someone even felt the need to chuck their shoes on. Now when the ice melts, hopefully in a global warming dramatic way for effect, the lake will be full of even more rubbish. Shoes slowly sinking like the Titanic and ducks holding onto logs for dear life. Joking aside its a bit stupid. Don’t litter, especially over water (unless you are hovering over a toilet, then that’s acceptable).

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