Ive managed to start with the word ‘Twas’! or Some Poorly Thought Out Drivel

Twas an exciting weekend, for not only did we manage to watch a DVD but it was baby’s christening. The christening seemed to go well, although there remains some confusion about whether or not bunny is now officially a God Parent. I hope so, I’m sure bunny will provide lots of comfort in times of need.
I’m amazed and astonished at how smoothly it all went, considering there were7 babies outside tummies and 2 inside there was a real lack of screaming and wet patches both during the service and back at out house! The lack of wet patches is even more amazing considering the appallingly rainy weather.
We chose to mark our first post baby DVD watch (we haven’t had any time!) with Pirates of the Caribbean. It was an enjoyable film, although a bit confusing, or was that me. It could have been me, as I quite fancy Johnny Depp. He has a dark sense of humour which appeals to me. As does my husband, although its his wit and sharp mind I admire most. I digress, I think I’d quite enjoy being a shipwrecked pirate. You have to admit there’s no greater fun to be had, than foraging for food and setting fire to stuff. There’s not much opportunity for me to indulge in such behaviour in St Albans at the moment. I cant wait till baby can join the Woodcraft Folk…


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