The Car Seat Dilemma

Car seats are not something you can just chuck money at and get the best one there is. Not that I have any money to chuck or indeed spend, but that’s beside the point where safety is concerned. Baby desperately needs one, his little chunky legs are sort of bent like a little frog in his bucket seat, and so, although I’m told its safe, I’m not convinced.
Therefore during a spare few minutes we went to Toys R Us and Mother(don’t)care to try to find the best one. Both shops suggested different things and it seems it pretty much comes down to the colour and style. Like most things in life.
Surely, you would think that with a safety item there would be more to it than that! However the temptation to get the shop assistants to fit every single one until I liked the look of it in my car was quite strong. I did go to these shops in Harlow though. I’m now wondering if Essex baby has different requirements to the rest of the population. Perhaps style is the critical factor there. I’m not in Essex much these days so perhaps I should try a Hertfordshire based shop to see if there’s a difference in recommendations. I’m terrible at making my mind up about this sort of thing, so the first shop to tell me exactly what I want wins my trade.


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