The Sleigh is Now Fully Loaded

The quest for mead is complete. Whilst perusing the Abbey gift shop feeling rather panicked the one place I would definitely be able to buy it occurred to me and so off I went at the crack of dawn. Just in case people were already queuing to buy turkeys.
The quest for Christmas gifts has been a long, convoluted one and has brought me many tuts and comments such as ‘cant these people go out at a different time’. Short of not going out, I’m not quite sure when would be the best time for me to go out in the non-praming masses minds. I could say the same thing about them. I don’t often go out on a Saturday to the shops with my pram, so why are they clogging them up mid week? Don’t they have work to do? I have to say that the shops don’t help either, nearly every other shop has its Christmas sale on. I bet all those organised people are gutted as now they have to either take back the stuff and start again, or grin and bear it.
Speaking of busy shops I was also foolish enough to go to expensive supermarket at ten o’clock this morning. I quickly gave up, my trophy’s being a stick of brussel sprouts, a pint of milk and some Stilton with apricots (I know how to live). It was like the St Albans food shortage was about to occur. Hundreds of pensioners and middle aged people, all baying at the deli counter and fighting over potatoes. I even got asked to move by a member of staff, when I was just innocently waiting to get some carrots. Driving past the supermarket just now, they were queuing to get into the car park and our local streets are now full of cars about to creak under the weight of mince pies and Duchy Organic goodies. The joy of Christmas.


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  1. Suburban Mum 21st December 2007 / 10:46 pm

    Hello! Found your blog via British Parent Bloggers and have been reading through your archives – you&#39;re a very witty writer and I will be back to visit again!<br><br>I used to live in Borehamwood till earlier this year (now I&#39;m in Manchester), used to spend a lot of time in Watford and St Albans and seeing your pics of the park are making me wish I was back there!<br><br>Merry Christmas!

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