The To Do List

As is the fashion on blogger I thought that today’s post should be a To Do List. Apologies if it seems boring but I’m looking for a book deal….
Specifically Today
Visit Sainsbury to get weekly shop (see shopping list)
Wash all the bed sheets
Dry all the bed sheets
Do the weekend Laundry
Cook the dinner
Do the Washing up
Attempt to purchase a few Christmas Presents
Finish writing Christmas Cards
Drop money off at work for Christmas Party
Get more Christmas Presents
Hoover and Dust
Cook up a batch of spinach and ricotta parcels to freeze for baby
Visit friend who has just had baby
Write blog- try to think of something amusing
Attempt a few sit-ups and press-ups
Make a chocolate cake
Get hair cut
Attempt to read book
Lose one stone in weight

Ok, so you are all thoroughly bored, Im so bored I cant think of anything else to do….


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  1. chen 10th December 2007 / 4:29 pm

    Chocolate cake and lose a stone on the same list? Must be a special cake if you can achieve the latter.<br><br>I have not had a haircut for nearly 6 months, yikes…. Oh well, a couple more weeks until I get to Holland cannot hurt I guess… Until then, I blame the baby for the way I look…

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