Flying the Bargain Carpet

Since the January sales began, I find my mind wandering to where I might be able to purchase the biggest bargain possible. I know, I did get the last red coat going in the shop. But still, where there’s a bargain to be had, there’s always another one around the corner. Yesterday, my dreams came true, for all of five minutes. When I discovered a large high street chemist had 75 % off toys. Yippeeee, I could stockpile for presents, making me look as if I’m Mrs generosity when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and so on. Sadly the rest of the UK also had the same idea.
However, the gods must have been looking down and feeling sorry for me, as today I managed to buy some carpet for our spare room £278 to £20!! And its a perfectly reasonable creamy brown colour. I’m surprised they weren’t flying out of expensive wont be beaten on price department store. I think this years shopping is done.
The Being a Mummy Health and Fitness Club has few members. Nonetheless, this one is doing quite well. Me thinks! Thoughtfully Cadbury have decided to join in and help me. They have decided to move production of their chocolate from Bristol to Poland. Thus making it ethically difficult for me to support their business in terms of the loss of our jobs and also the air miles/ freight and the environmental impact that my chocolate bar would have.
Hurrah for multi-national companies and their lack of concern for the environment. Only in this instance of course…


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