Its Not a Big Girls Blouse

Celebrating the noticeable only to me, weight loss, I threw caution to the wind and bought a MINI SKIRT. It the length that I used to wear at university- short. I think its the result of Being a Mummy. Determined not to be an embarrassing frumpy mother (my natural role) has lead me to lots of throw caution to the wind style fashion choices. I used to be quite a fashion pioneer, debuting shorts and tights- to the hysterics of those around me. But then, I became sensible and frumpy, partially due to a cash flow crisis and partially due to my work place. Fashion and dirt really don’t mix.
Nonetheless, in those heady child free days you would find me standing in Liberty on a Saturday afternoon coveting a Vivienne Westwood dress- just buy it hubby would say, hoping to get to the Virgin Megastore before it closed. Don’t do it said my inner sensibility. Thus I have a couple of vintage designer items. I’d have a few more, if I hadn’t charity shopped them- argghhh to think of the first ever cardigan produced by Frost French that someone found at a charity shop….
Anyway, Ive been thinking, this year I’m going to try to be smarter and trendier and to buy some shoes. This will be very hard due to the inner meanness that only allows me to shop in the sales. So, if you see someone in a red coat sans baby, looking very stressed about whether to purchase the item they are holding, tell them to JUST DO IT.
I’ll try to model some of my purchases for you in due time!


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  1. Suburban Mum 28th January 2008 / 12:10 pm

    Yes, do it! If only so that I can live vicariously through your shopping purchases because (a) I have no readies and (b) I am about 17 trillion sizes too big for anything remotely fashionable. Sigh.

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