Parents of Today Don’t Know They are Born- WHAT!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Yorkshire, I even lived there for a while and the majority of people Ive met from there have been fair, firm and fun. BUT reading this in the Yorkshire Evening Post, WELL!!!
What absolute miseries, I assume that they would like all parents with children to stay at home venturing discretely and quietly into the shops at say 8.37 am on a Monday. Or perhaps even better perhaps people in Yorkshire shouldn’t reproduce anymore. In fact I know lets go down that route, people in Yorkshire shouldn’t have babies, lets put something into their lovely mineral tap water that renders them infertile. Then there will be no need for mother and baby spaces at the supermarket and no problems for these pensionable miseries.
Times have changed, cars are bigger, spaces are small and parking is a nightmare with a baby. Even pre baby I would never go near mother and baby spaces and I would hope that no mother and baby was forced to park near my car in case of accidental damage.
Now Ive got a baby you can’t imagine how hard I find shopping trips.
First: trying to find a suitable space, there are never any mother and baby spaces free as they are always full of pensioners worried about damage to their Nissan Micra’s.
Secondly: the quest for a suitable trolley, and the dilemma- do you take baby with you or not.
Thirdly: the experience of the supermarket itself, including the fact that it always seems to spark the desire for a poo. This leads to tears, whilst he also tries to grab everything we pass. My frustration is coupled with me trying to see where I’m going over the top of the baby who obscures the view.
Fourthly: the checkouts where there is always 3 people in front and 39 empty un-staffed tills. I nearly always fall into the trolley trying to get the stuff out of the bottom quickly enough in order to pack it up the other end.
Fifth: I get back to the car to find a pensioner eyeballing me for not unpacking shopping and baby quickly enough whilst risking life and limb in the middle of the road so they can park their Cr8ppy low powered hatchback in the space I’m using. AARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
And this is shopping in Hertfordshire, if I visit Yorkshire I’m gonna take my food with me.


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