Plinky Plong Music is the Solution to Sleep Issues

Its official, Gina Ford definately possesses some kind of witchery. Her routines seem to work for all my friends and in a fit of expenditure (well, I saw it for £2) I bought her Nursery Rhymes for Contented Little Babies. The cheesy CD works, sends the little fella right off to sleep. Probably in a fit of ‘ARRGGHHH I cant stand this anymore’ -ness. But hey-ho do I care, he is quiet. Don’t sue me Gina, I really am very grateful 🙂
Hence ive got this moment to blog, when technically I should be cooking wild organic non-dyed scottish salmon with baby carrots, green beans, petit pois and mustard mash. Yes! Things have moved on in this household, im slowly mutating into a Stepford wife. Ive discovered that I can actually cook- occasionally. And that I can look smart- occasionally. And that I really would like another baby- occasionally!


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