Starting Them Young

The Being a Mummy household have been bargain breaking in North Norfolk. In an epic underspend we did a whole weekend for the 3 of us including food, car parking and accommodation for £50!!

We even had all our meals out. This meant that baby was the toast of the Fish and Chip shop in Wells- Next – The Sea and he even went down well at the cafe at Titchwell Bird reserve. ‘Start them young’ and you might get a future Bill Oddie. Actually Ive had second thoughts, perhaps we shouldn’t have taken him there.
However, as you can see by my pictures, the open bleakness of the place is so special. And the unique North Norfolk wind makes us all look as if we have had 2 weeks in Tenerife, who needs package deals. In fact, Im tempted to say that it was, all in all, a cheaper easier weekend than staying at home. Mainly, as baby was kept amused. How did we achieve this feat of mean-ness (sorry thriftiness)? Well it was mainly due to staying at THE BEST backpackers lodge ever, at Burnham Deepdale.
Beautiful as ever, North Norfolk has the added bonus amusement factor of millions of Bird watchers known as Twitchers. This time of year these middle aged men gather in flocks usually by hedges to look at Pink Footed geese and rare exotic species. This year a sort of white headed American Sparrow thing was about, men were excited and lots of twitching top trumping was occurring. Both sorts in the hides, if you catch my drift. I was a bit worried, its easy to accidentally run over birds when driving through narrow country lanes, we could easily have had own bonnet trophy. In fact hubby did manage to get a bird, but it was from the Dutch man driving in front of us. Presumably he was indicating in secret twitching language the location of the latest exotic arrival.


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