The Potty Art of Weather Forecasting

I sat at home waiting for the snow to come, when it did we were greeted with about 10 snowflakes and that was it. Hours and hours of news coverage about gritters and salt amounted to pretty much nothing in sunny (well, overcast) St Albans. It can’t be my fault as I generate my own little raincloud above my head most of the time. A small cloud put there by some old person I have offended with my pram, just to add to the general misery of my existence.
On a sunnier note, we did pop out briefly, nearly to buy some very expensive French label babygrows. However, when I actually looked at them, rather than the cute design, I realised that French babies must be very thin, not like my little porker (ahem).
Speaking of whom, has mastered the art of naked weeing across the carpet. I can only tell by the strange expression and the slight puddle afterwards. I’m looking into buying a potty, but I’m a bit confused. You see, there is such a thing as a Royal Potty, like a little throne. Its apparently very good, but a little expensive and it might be a bit high up for him. So, in case you are wondering what the New Year has meant for me so far, its Potty research (literally as opposed to my usual research) and finding products that remove the smell of stale urine.


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  1. moonmamma 4th January 2008 / 9:29 pm

    highly recommend oxyclic from lakeland for the wee smell:}

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