The Sands of Pizza

Pizza leaflets keep pouring through our door. Rather like the sand in an egg timer, the constant stream is only interrupted by my intervention. Which is in reality a small humpf of annoyance and a trip to the kitchen bin. I’m sure these businesses are contributing to the destruction of rainforest’s as they seem to only print these leaflets on non-recyclable glossy paper. I cant understand why they put them through here, I have NEVER ordered a pizza via the telephone and, as far as Ive noticed (not that I’m a major curtain twitcher) neither have any of my decidedly middle aged and classed neighbours. Now Ive a baby, this war of attrition is even worse as Ive got to be quick enough to stop the small boy eating the leaflets, the only nourishment that anyone in our household will get from them.
Speaking of nourishment, I watched Hugh eat it all promote his Chicken Out Campaign last night on the television and I would urge you all to sign up. More information is here Basically he is trying to get everyone to buy free range instead of intensively reared chicken. The Being a Mummy Household can only lend its verbal support as we are all vegetarian, but if you care about what you are eating and its not takeaway pizza, then please show your support by signing up.


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  1. moonmamma 10th January 2008 / 8:23 pm

    out of interest we kept all the pizza leaflets we received – both through the door and by post – over 2 weeks last year. 19! in 2 weeks!

  2. zooarchaeologist 10th January 2008 / 9:23 pm

    good experiment! i'll give it a go here and report back…

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