FREECYCLE, love it, hate it, I can’t decide. You see, I find that you see something on there that is perfect and you get all excited and get your hopes up. You lie in bed thinking wow! And then, your hopes are cruelly dashed about 95 % of the time. It must be like the compulsive gambler feels. At least by its very nature, its a free pastime though.
Anyway, I think I’m getting to the stage where I have seen nearly all episodes of In the Night Garden. The more I watch it, the more I’m wondering if its sending the right messages to children. Lets face it, Upsy Daisy, frankly shes a terrible tart. That Iggle Piggle, well, he’d have anything going. The Tombliboos seem to think a threesome is acceptable and Makka Pakka and his OCD, he needs help, man!
Still, its keeping baby occupied whilst I quest for a Childminder for one day a week for him. The task is a hard one and complicated by the fact that baby is (small fanfare) an exceptional child. In all sorts of ways, its been verified by many experts, the Health Visitor, Doctor and one of the interviewed childminders. At 9 months he’s walking one handed with the walker, waving and saying Hello/ Goodbye depending on circumstance and generally making a right nuisance of himself. He has inherited male selective deafness for sure, especially when it comes to electrical cables! All this coupled with his breath holding frustration requires a special sort of patience. I’m getting worried, it won’t be long before he is correcting my grammar-( I wasn’t taught it at progressive 1980’s North London school) and criticising the nutritional content of our diet. Lets hope he doesn’t decide Night Garden is the language of choice…


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