Why He’s Getting a Camper Van

Ive taken to dressing baby in dungarees and long sleeved T-shirts. I think he looks so cute and I’m quite jealous. Gone are the days when I can get away with wearing a pair, not least because its not 1983. Aren’t they just the best type of trouser going though, you can stuff loads of things in the pockets, they keep you warm and they are not tight around bulging paunches. I say, bring back dungarees Versace, Gaultier and New Look, at least one of you can guarantee my custom.
Yesterday, the little dungaree clad monster turned into a sort of Frank Spencer baby, banging his head about 10 times on different things. Culminating in a spectacular over the top of his toddle truck crash onto parquet flooring. I saw it in slow motion and blamed the garlic bread he had gorged on. Weirdly, there are very few bruises to show off to the ladies. Since he played with 4 different girls whilst this day long extravaganza of manliness was occurring, I’m quite glad that we have decided that a VW Camper Van will be the first vehicle for him to drive. In 17 years time the last model made will be slower than a push bike!


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  1. Mike1727 15th January 2008 / 11:13 pm

    Baby crashes are sooo funny, you just have to work out which ones actually hurt ;+)<br><br>DSLR..Canon EOS400D, highly reccomended.

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