Did They do Housework in the Past?

I just can’t be bothered to do housework anymore. It seems that the second I do anything someone comes along and ruins the clean tidiness, so really whats the point? I often wonder if this was a problem in the past, did Mrs Anglo- Saxon think to herself “don’t walk that mud all over my freshly sweeped mud floor”? I guess this could lead me down a whole new avenue of research!
Baby actually told me he did a Poo Poo his morning, it was quite sweet. He stopped watching GMTV for a nano-second and turned to me and said “Poo Poo”. Needless to say, I had discerned it from the foul stench. I hope he hasn’t selected this as his word of choice. We are off to the Church playgroup this morning, I can see it now “… and Jesus said to the disciples…” Small voice from the audience “Poo Poo”


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