Global Warming Nursery Rhymes

It’s getting ridiculous, everywhere I go I keep bumping into people I went to school with and they invariably, have had babies this year. Strange how fate leads people to do the same things at roughly the same age! I’m beginning to get the urge to go out wearing make-up, best new clothes and so forth, just in case. I’m sure people take one look at me covered in baby sick and food, still wearing maternity clothes and with wild crazy hair (not the cool type) and feel smug. Still,I suppose its giving them that opportunity to feel good about themselves and perhaps cheering their day.
This morning, I was initiated into the strange and wonderful world of Baby Carnival. My baby loved it; he had a chance to prod other babies and was completely bemused by the unbelievably enthusiastic and energetic singing, which lasted for about an hour. I hope he doesn’t want me to recreate this at home. I might be able to manage songs from Evita, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins or Chitty, but I’m not sure I can remember all 6 verses of row row row your boat. There’s something about polar bears and lions in there, probably an early response to global warming. I’m thinking there might be a market for global warming nursery style songs. So watch this space for my latest efforts. Lets see here’s a first attempt:
The grand old Al of Gore, He had ten thousand votes….


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  1. Cybersoc 11th February 2008 / 1:06 pm

    Did you go to the 9.30 session (toddlers) or the later one? <br><br>My wife has been taking our toddler for almost a year now and loves it. I&#39;ve been going recently as she&#39;s not been very well and, after four sessions, am even getting brave enough to join in some of the songs.<br><br>;-)<br>Robin<br>(

  2. zooarchaeologist 11th February 2008 / 3:53 pm

    Hi robin, the later one. Its great isnt it! Im going this week, perhaps we should wear distinctive hats or something in order to identify each other as we pass in the street 🙂

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