Swing High, Swing Low

Blimmin’ council changing the recycling days and everything. It’s got the whole area in a muddle and we can go swimming through the cardboard in our garage. It’s got to be a fire risk, so with this in mind we decided to venture to the swings.
Dear god, I forgot it was half term. Fighting for a swing, we spotted unsupervised wild children galore and an example of a genius mother who left her newborn in direct sunlight. Screaming as if it was being cooked alive, whilst she pushed the toddler on the swing chatting to her mate all the time. “Yeah, well Wayne said, forget the weather we should go to Lanzarote at Easter, better than a trip round Bluewater” Or something similar.
How do you get a 9 month old to enjoy the swings? Firstly just push, but then, when boredom sets in, all you need to do is tickle the little piggies on the return swing. Its apparently hilarious. A brilliant thing to do, this trip also involving seeing the ducks and causes hunger pangs in small children. The same could be said of hubby when confronted by Duck- shame he’s now vegetarian. Needless to say, the result of all this excitement is exhaustion and then sleep!!! Hurrah, Ive discovered the solution to personal free time, shame I’m officially back at work tomorrow. Just my accrued annual leave to take now…


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